Big Caribbean Stud Poker Jackpot Win at InterCasino

One lucky player will be celebrating Xmas in style after taking down a huge $315,000 jackpot prize at InterCasino.

The online casino player was playing his favorite game, Caribbean Stud Poker, at InterCasino.

The lucky winner had been playing online casino games for the past few years, but admitted his magnificent win was totally unexpected. Even after winning, he wasn’t immediately sure of the size of his win, mistaking his huge hand for another, lower hand.

“Initially I thought I had won ten percent of the jackpot with a Straight Flush, but when I checked my hand more carefully and realized


I had a Royal Flush I was absolutely amazed. It took at least ten minutes for me to collect my thoughts,” he admitted.

The winner of the InterCasino Royal Flush jackpot had been playing Caribbean Stud Poker since he was 12 years old, and had never hit a Royal Flush until now. Caribbean Stud Poker is an online casino poker game, where players compete with poker-style hands against the dealer’s hand each round. There are usually massive jackpots available to be won if you get a Straight Flush (usually 10% of the jackpot) or a Royal Flush (usually 100% of the jackpot).

“I have been playing Caribbean poker online with InterCasino for two years. I learnt to play poker when I was twelve years old and have been playing both online and offline since then,” he added.

InterCasino is one of the most popular online casinos in the world, having gained many fans with their quick payouts and choice of games. InterCasino uses the latest Cryptologic software platform to run their online casino games, and they will payout on big winnings almost immediately, which is in stark contrast to some less popular online casinos, who only pay jackpots in installments.

The lucky Caribbean Stud Poker jackpot winner plans to share his lucky fortune with his family and friends over the holiday period, though he might not be the only InterCasino player celebrating big this Xmas – the InterCasino Millionaires Club progressive jackpot is at a world-record $4,921,000!

Ed note: Win yourself a big jackpot with a monthly bonus at InterCasino – $100 bonus on your first deposit of $100 and another $100 EVERY month!

Author: Terry Aki

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